The fall of Rome left WESTERN Europe in disarray and chaos and began the period called the Dark/Middle Ages. Due to the cultural connections American culture has with the west, it is easy to think that all of Europe followed the fall of Rome into the Darkness; however, this is not the case at all. Eastern Europe thrived for another 500 years after the fall of Rome, and then held onto power, albeit on life support, for 500 more. The reason for this sustained unity and cultural growth was due to a group that thought of themselves as the 'New Rome', 'Second Rome', 'Rome of the East', but history would refer to it as the BYZANTINE EMPIRE. This empire sustained Roman influence throughout the Post classical era, and expanded its influence to the Slavs (=Russia). Its geographic location aided in its commercial wealth and success, as well as allowing to be easily defended from
bad guys.



  1. Constantinople
  2. Justinian
  3. Theodora
  4. Hagia Sophia
  5. Plague of Justinian
  6. Justinian's Code
  7. Cyril and Methodius
  8. Eastern Orthodox
  9. Fourth Crusade
  10. 1453


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