Each group will take a topic below and divide it equally among the group members. They will then post the completed assignment on the wiki, creating a page that is linked below. For each topic there should be at least the following:
  • Complete, detailed description/explanation of the topic (this can be done in PERSE format)
  • 3 Relevant, descriptive visuals that are embedded on the page
  • Any terms that are connected to the page
  • 3 Essay prompts that can be answered using the information provided on the topic
    • Use themes, regions, and historical thinking skills to create prompts
  • 5 ORIGINAL AP Level Multiple choice questions. Refer to old tests to use as examples for question formats.
  • A 3-5 minute video, created by the group that presents information in a format that offers a creative and different perspective on the the topic.

Unit I Topics: 8000 BC-600 BC

  • Description of the development of civilization; compare each and identify the similarities and differences between the first civilizations.
  • Comparisons of Eastern and Western belief systems; including some underlying similarities in cementing a social hierarchy.
  • Role of women in different belief systems -- Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, and Hinduism
  • Understanding of how and why the collapse of empire was more severe in western Europe (Rome) than it was in the eastern Mediterranean (Byzantine Empire) or in China (Han Dynasty)
  • Describe interregional trading systems, e.g., the Silk Roads